Saf-instant® Gold

saf-instant gold

Saf-instant® Gold
the brand that facilitates baker’s life


A key ingredient in fermentation, yeast brings dough to life.


It helps develop taste, enhances flavors and lends volume to a loaf.


Saf-instant® Gold yeast is a product of natural origin, which can be used daily to guarantee stable, consistent results and optimum efficiency.

Saf-instant® is aimed to make bakers’ lives easier, wherever they are, whoever they are, by providing the finest yeasts and the most efficient services to meet their daily business needs. Let’s make it happen!

saf instant gold

→ Product packaging: Cardboard box containing 20 x 500g sachets


→ Product shelf life: 2 years from date of production unless special regulations apply.


→ Applications: Saf-instant® Gold yeast is an instant dry yeast, which has been specially developed for sweet dough (5% or more sugar/weight of flour).