Magimix® Yellow

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Give the best softness and shelf life to your bread!


magimix yellowMagimix® Yellow is a premium bread softener specially designed for Pakistan’s soft products recipes. Available in Pakistan since 1980, Lesaffre took all processes and challenges of baking from this country into consideration and created a unique formula. This formula can be used for soft products in Pakistan (Sandwich breads, buns, rolls, brioche, …)

This bread softener enables bakers to have softer products all along their shelf life. Magimix® Yellow is a softener and do not contain a bread improver. It is recommended to use it in combination with one of our bread improvers: Magimix® Green, Magimix® Red, Ibis® Orange.

The research and development by Lesaffre, a worldwide group founded in 1853, guarantees the quality and consistency of your baking products.


Which advantages does Magimix® Yellow offer to you?


Keep the original softness of your bread all along shelf life


Magimix® Yellow has an anti-staling effect which allows your bread to keep its softness all along its shelf-life. Your bread will remain soft even after 3 to 5 days.

Magimix yellow

→ Product packaging: 25kg


→ Dosage: 0,1% to 0,3% / 1g to 3g by 1kg of flour


→ Product shelf life: 24months


→ Applications: Sandwich bread