Magimix® Red

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Give the best to your dough!


magimix redMagimix® Red is a premium-quality bread improver specially adapted to sandwich bread recipes in Pakistan. Available in Pakistan since 1980s, Lesaffre took all processes and challenges of baking from this country into consideration and created a unique formula to provide Pakistani bakers the best solution.


This bread improver enables bakers to work with flour quality variations and gives better dough tolerance, an optimum crumb texture, softness and a smooth crust.

The research and development by Lesaffre, a worldwide group founded in 1853, guarantees the quality and consistency of your baking products.


Which advantages does Magimix® Red offer to you?


  • Work of the dough
    • Quick dough development in the mixer
    • Less sticky dough and and easier work of by machine
    • More dough extensibility
  • Proofing
    • Faster fermentation
    • Very good gas retention, without collapsing
  • Bread
    • Good volume and crumb freshness of the final product
    • Very white and fine crumb texture
    • Perfectly shaped block loaf with smooth crust
    • Shining crust with a nice color

→ Product packaging: 20 x 500g


→ Dosage: 0,1% to 0,3% / 1g to 3g by 1kg of flour


→ Product shelf life: 24months


→ Applications: Sandwich bread