Star’bake® Donut Premix

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Star’bake® Donut premix is a high-quality solution distributed in Pakistan to easily produce premium donuts. This solution enables anyone to realize a high-quality donut to enhance Pakistani bakers’ range of products. Sugar, salt, and technical ingredients are already scaled and available.


The research and development by Lesaffre, a worldwide group founded in 1853, guarantees the quality and consistency of your baking products.

Which advantages does Star’Bake® Donut Premix offer to you?


  • Preparation
    • Already scaled and available ingredients
    • No need of a professional donut maker
  • Work of the dough
    • Easier manipulation of the dough
    • Good proofing and regularity
    • Good tolerance
  • Final product
    • Good softness and short bite
donuts premix

→ Product packaging: 10kg


→ Dosage: 15% / 150g by 1kg of flour


→ Product shelf life: 12 months


→ Applications: Donuts