Star’bake® American Pizza blends

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Star’bake® Pizza Blend is a high-quality solution distributed in Pakistan to easily produce nice and soft pizza. This solution enables anyone to realize a premium quality pizza with a soft crust. Yeast, sugar, salt, and other technical ingredients have been selected and scaled, you just have to add flour, oil and water to your mixer according to your recipe.


The research and development by Lesaffre, a worldwide group founded in 1853, guarantees the quality and consistency of your baking products.

Which advantages does this offer to you?


  • Preparation
    • Already scaled and available ingredients
    • No need of a professional pizza maker
  • Work of the dough
    • Easier manipulation of the dough
    • Good proofing and regularity

→ Product packaging: 20x200g


→ Dosage: 4% / 40g by 1kg of flour


→ Product shelf life: 12 months


→ Applications: Pan pizza